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Music: The music ministry enhances the connection to God through the atmosphere of worship. The department is blessed with highly talented individuals that bring down God's glory through praise and worship.


Ushering & Follow-up:  Our caregivers reach out to both new and old members with devotion to building their physical and spiritual life.


Intercessory: Jubilee Centre is a praying church, and we work hard in making sure that every member is guided to grow in the place of prayer, helping them to understand the working power of God.


Sunday School: Teaching and interpretation of the word is the basics of knowing God and His powers that works in us, and we acknowledge that through the teaching of the undiluted word of God


Kings Kids: The scripture says, “Teach a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. The children ministry is the heart of our church; we put every resource to bring the best out of them.


Media & Publicity:  As part of our effort in making sure that the gospel of our Lord Jesus is heard across nations, the Jubilee Centre media ministry helps in ensuring that the gospel and information are delivered swiftly and at the right time.


Men of Valor: The ministry is focused on the promotion of the spiritual needs of the men in the church, fostering unity in families, and encouraging Godliness in all ramification.


Women of Purpose: We believe that women are agents of change in families, and the society when they are purpose-driven, and that’s why the success of our women is our passion.


Youth & Young Adults: The Youth & Young Adult Ministry is an important part of the church. The Youth & Young Adults are young people who have the passion for God's Word and are represented by diverse cultural, educational and social backgrounds. They are college students and professionals in different fields who are mostly single. `

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